A-ki is Mi-U's 12 year old "student." Like Mi-U, she's a Mormon from Kartselia, but she's much more intelligent than her despite her being much younger.


Like Mi-U, she's very nice and religious, but also very straightforward and mature. She always tries to correct Mi-U's mistakes, even though she refuses to listen every time because she believes that since she's younger, she's more ignorant.


She's around 4'5". Like Mi-U, she has yellowish-pale skin, but has long, blue hair tied up in a yellow ribbon and blue eyes. She wears a long, no sleeved light-pink dress with black flats.


Pizza Steve- Finds him to be irritating due to his egotistical behavior.

Mr. Gus- She likes that he's serious and doesn't goof around all the time.

Uncle Grandpa- She likes him fine but often gets annoyed with his silliness.