Once upon a time Belly Bag was staring at a photo it was a photo of Aunt Grandma Uncle Grandpa says " AUNT GRANDMA ARE YOU KIDDING ME BELLY BAG WE ALL HATE HER!!!!!" Belly Bag exclaims " you can't tell me how to live Uncle Grandpa I love aunt grandma she is cute" Uncle Grandpa than replies with " hey i'm cute" Belly looks at Uncle Grandpa in an angered way and says back " ya know what Uncle Grandpa I will go meet Aunt Grandma face to face" Belly Bag than ran off. A little while longer Belly Bag wondered where is Aunt Grandma she is no where to be found but than he found Aunt Grandma just staying there Aunt Grandma did not say anything but she did give Belly bag a smooch and Belly bag was quick enough to get out a camera and photograph the proof that he kissed a girl. Once he came home Uncle Grandpa said good morning to him but once Uncle Grandpa saw the photo of Belly Bag kissing Aunt Grandma Uncle Grandpa just walked away crying Belly Bag did not even say a word and Belly Bag felt sorry for kissing Aunt Grandma so he gone into Uncle Grandpa's time portal to fix everything once Belly Bag saw Aunt Grandma Belly Bag punched her leaving nothing but mark on her face and Belly Bag just left. After that was done Belly Bag saw that Uncle Grandpa was happy as can be so they live happily ever after and Belly Bag never even spoken of that tragic event

The End