Cakeilyn Q. Stacy is an anthropomorphic piece of cake that hangs out with Aunt Grandma and Mrs. Gus.


Cake Stacy is a vanilla cake with pink frosting. She has chocolate frosting all over her head, which looks like a hairstyle. She wears shades with a pink rim and she has red frosting on her mouth for lipstick and some blue frosting on her eyes for eyeliner.


Cake Stacy is a popular, stuck up, snobbish, teen girl, who is beloved by everyone, simply because of her beauty, and not because of her personality. She's just a stereotypical teenage girl. All the boys have a crush on her. All the girls have a crush on her. (or so she's convinced herself) But she only dates hot guys who have abs and are made out of food. (that is, if any of them return her feelings, which, let's be honest, none of them do) She loves acting pretty, perfect and popular and has 874,593,940,144,510,926,871,214,236,340,171,583,974,263 followers on FaceBook, despite the fact that there's only 874,593,940,144,510,926,871,214,236,340,171,583,974,262 people on earth. (That's how popular she is) She loves texting, tweeting, taking selfies, buying makeup, making herself look hot, listening to music, kissing boys, hanging with her BFF's, going shopping, etc. She's really just an egotistical pain in the keester, who needs to get off her high horse though. She has the tendency to spread lies, gossip, and rumors about others, that aren't even remotely true.


Aunt GrandmaEdit

Aunt Grandma admires Stacy with awe and amazement. She thinks that she's the most awesome piece of cake in the universe, and believes all her lies.

Mrs. GusEdit

Mrs. Gus is the only one who isn't buying into the crap. She is annoyed with Stacy and doesn't like her.


  • Much like how Pizza Steve tells lies, in order to make himself look good, Cake Stacy tells lies about others, in order to make them look bad.