Next Kid Upcomming!Edit

[At the camper]

Uncle Grandpa: Man that was nice of Steven!

[Pizza Steve comes inside but all messed up]

Uncle Grandpa: Pizza Steve! What the fudge happened to you!

Pizza Steve: Someone ate me up!

Uncle Grandpa: Oh no! Belly Bag! Fix Pizza Steve!

Belly Bag: Okay Uncle Grandpa! [Belly Bag opens his mounth, Pizza Steve goes in, Belly bag is chewing and spitting Pizza Steve out, Pizza Steve is now hisself]

Pizza Steve: I'ma back!

Uncle Grandpa: Ah great! Oh yeah! Mr. Gus! Are we there yet!

Mr. Gus: Yes Uncle Grandpa

[Outside the camper]

Uncle Grandpa: I really want to meet that guy!

And the kid is....Edit

[At the door, Uncle Grandpa is knocking the door]

Clarence: [Opens the door]...


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