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File:Billy Baggins 2.jpgFile:Billybagginsicon1.gifFile:Captain Obama.jpg
File:Celeste beaumont.pngFile:Celeste beaumont dangan ronpa style.pngFile:Character contest entry celeste by shenanistorm-d7w26xy.jpg
File:Chester Warbler Zarke.pngFile:Chester the wolf ( w-o skull ).pngFile:Colonel Obama.jpg
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File:Honey.pngFile:Honey Character Ref.pngFile:Honey Pizza.png
File:Honey Sparklies.pngFile:Honey and Steve Whole New World.pngFile:Honey bikini color.png
File:Honey cover 2.pngFile:Honey from front.pngFile:Human!Pizza Beef Supreme the Mighty.png
File:Human!Pizza Chad.pngFile:Human!Tanezumi and Tanezumi.jpgFile:Human Belly Bag-Billy Baggins Small.png
File:Human Chester.pngFile:Human Mr Gus.pngFile:Human Pizza Pete.png
File:Human Pizza Wayne.pngFile:Human Slog.pngFile:Image.jpg
File:Izzie Dangan Ronpa Style Sprite 1.jpgFile:Izzie Dangan Ronpa Style Sprite 1.pngFile:Kawaii fuzzbucket.jpg
File:King Obama.jpgFile:King of the Humans.pngFile:Lieutenant Obama.jpg
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File:Pizza Prince.gifFile:Pizza Steve.jpgFile:Pizza Steve.png
File:Pizza Steve 1.jpgFile:Pizza Steve 2.jpgFile:Pizza Steve Pixel.gif
File:Pizza Steve Sketches.jpgFile:Pizza Steve Sketches 1.jpgFile:Pizza Steve Sketches 2.jpg
File:Pizza Steve Sketches 4.jpgFile:Pizza Steve the Pizza Prince.pngFile:Pizza Wayne Pixel.gif
File:Pizzasteve fanmix art.pngFile:Poster 1.pngFile:Pretty rainbow 2.png
File:Private Obama.jpgFile:Rahmoonuh desdeemoonuh.jpgFile:Ramona 1.jpg
File:Ramona 2.jpgFile:Ramona Concept.pngFile:Ramona Desdemona Dangan Ronpa Style Sprite.png
File:Ramona Desdemona Dangan Ronpa Style Sprite Sketch.jpgFile:Ramona as a disgustoid.jpgFile:Ramona squealing.jpg
File:Riley Duck.pngFile:Rose, the Queen Disgustoid Color.pngFile:RoseRanea 1 color.png
File:RoseRanea 2 color.pngFile:Rose Lilly.pngFile:Rose Lily.png
File:Rose Lily profile pic.pngFile:Rose UG Style.pngFile:Rose drawings.png
File:Rose is Pretty.pngFile:Rose the Ballerina.jpgFile:RosexSlog date color.png
File:Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide - LyricsFile:Sdf09-.jpgFile:Sergeant Obama.jpg
File:Slog Pixel.gifFile:Slog dangan ronpa styled sprite sketches.jpgFile:Smash Mouth All Star with Lyrics
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