Gender: Female
Species: None in specific
Age: 4.5 billion (estimated)
Birthday: Unknown. Possibly one of the first days in the existence of the universe.
Personal Information
  Balancing the three magical realms that control (or want to control) Earth in some way
  Auntie Grandma (in alternate universe)
  Pizza Rachel, Ms. Glenda, Huge Lifelike Soaring Lion
Uncle Grandpa

Magatera (or Auntie Grandma in the parallel Earth) is Uncle Grandpa's sister,  the Daughter of God, and the Balancer of the Three Magical Realms.

Development Edit

Magatera's name originates from a combination of the Latin words magia meaning "magic" and statera meaning "balance."


Magatera and her brother, whom we know as Uncle Grandpa, were born shortly after God created the universe. Since God did not want to be lonely, he created children for himself.

After billions of years, God decided that it was time to make his children in control to one of the universe's many habitable planets, of which we now know as "Earth." Uncle Grandpa was in charge of the Earth itself, bringing magic and wonder to it.

While Uncle Grandpa took many forms across his 200,000 (estimated) year stay on Earth, Magatera took only one main form, starting from when the three magical realms were created.

As MagateraEdit

Magatera is in control of the Three Magical Realms: Fairy World, Anti-Fairy World, and Pixies Inc. She tries to balance the levels of magic that they all have, but she is not good at keeping them in control of not wanting to take over one another. She seems to favour Fairy World over the others, because she finds the pixies too boring and the Anti-Fairies as "Satan's huge mistake" as they were created by Satan.

As Auntie Grandma (on parallel Earth)Edit

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More coming soon. I haven't figured out her personality yet.

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