Gender: Female
Species: Dinosaur
Age: About 65 million years old
Personal Information
  Pizza Rachel (best friend)
  Auntie Grandma, Pizza Rachel, Huge Lifelike Soaring Lion (sometimes)
  Pizza Steve, Huge Lifelike Soaring Lion (sometimes)

Ms.Glenda is a 65 million year old dinosaur. She can be seen as the Auntie Grandma/parallel Earth counterpart to Mr.Gus (despite having a personality more similar to that of Pizza Steve.)


Glenda's name originates from an Uncle Grandpa review addressing Mr. Gus as "Glen the Dinosaur."


Glenda can often be a huge blubbing bitch. She is also very competitive and self-centered.

However, sometimes she can show sympathy towards others, especially Auntie Grandma/Eve and Pizza Rach.


Pizza Steve: These two hate each other's guts. Glenda constantly tries to one-up Steve at everything that he does, which extremely annoys him.

Pizza Rachel: These two are best friends (much unlike their counterparts.) Rachel sometimes finds it hard to tolerate Glenda, though.

Huge Soaring Lifelike Lion: (unfinished section, coming soon)

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