The Obamalings are a thirteen-member clan and the chidren of Obama. They first appeared in Season 2: Episode 1; A Main Antagonist where they helped their dad conquer Funny Face Land.


James A. ObamaEdit

Template:Color oldest of the Obamalings. His shell is navy blue and he has blonde hair that goes down to his knees.

Max G. ObamaEdit

The second oldest and smallest of the Obamalings. His shell is orange and he has a rainbow mohawk.

Montana M. ObamaEdit

The third oldest of the Obamalings. He is muscular, wears red sunglasses and has a pink shell.

Luisaddie C. ObamaEdit

The fourth oldest of the Obamalings and the oldest female. She is the fastest of the Obamalings, has a brown ponytail, and has a teal shell.

Madison S. ObamaEdit

The fifth oldest of the Obamalings. She wears a cowboy hat, has red hair and a green shell. She and her younger brother Caige D. Obama are in love with each other.

Matteo F. ObamaEdit

The sixth oldest and tallest of the Obamalings. He has glasses, a tree-like hairstyle, and a purple shell.

Darrin H. ObamaEdit

The middle child of the Obamalings. He wears an eyepatch and a bandana. He has a red shell.

Vincent B. ObamaEdit

The sixth youngest and fattest of the Obamalings. He has a star on his left eye and a yellow shell.

Desiree F. ObamaEdit

The fifth youngest of the Obamalings. She has four fang-like teeth and black rings around her pupils. She has a blue shell.

Gabi L. ObamaEdit

The fourth youngest, youngest female, and third smallest of the Obamaling. She is in a mechanical wheelchair and has a magenta shell.

Caige D. ObamaEdit

The third youngest and second smallest of the Obamalings. He looks very similar to his older brother James A. Obama except his shell is cyan and his hair goes past his feet. He and his older sister, Madison S. Obama, are in love with each other.

Jesse S. ObamaEdit

The second youngest and second tallest of the Obamalings, He has three strands of hair; one pink, one blue, and one cyan and he has a maroon shell.

Kyle H. ObamaEdit

The youngest of the Obamalings. He has spiky, combed green hair and a green star on the side of his head. His shell is lime green.

List of episodes where all the Obamalings appeared inEdit

  • S2: E1 - A Main Antagonist
  • S2: E2 - Lying, Cheating, Stealing Obama
  • S2: E7 - Never Obam an Obama
  • S2: E13 - President of Funny Face Land
  • S2: E23 - Thirteen Continents for Thirteen Obama
  • S2: E25 - Do the Obama
  • S2: E26 - Super Obama


  • In Season 3, each one of them will die.
  • Then in Season 4, they will be replaced by the Obama Kid Quintuplets.
  • In A Main Antagonist, they were introduced in reverse birth order.
  • Listed above was them in birth order.