Pizza Clive
Gender: Male
Species: Pizza
Hair color: Platinum Blond (pre-tulpa)
Black (post-tupla)
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
  Pizza Steve
  The Dream Realm
The Sea
Learning (pre-tulpa)
New Experiences (pre-tulpa)
Adventures (pre-tulpa)
Death (post-tulpa)
Suicide (post-tulpa)
Homicide (post-tulpa)
Pizza Steve (main body)
Pizza Pete
Pizza Chad
Pizza Beef Supreme The Mighty
Pizza Wayne
Pizza Berzerker
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Getting Out Alive: Chapter 24
Voiced by:
Adam Devine

Pizza Clive is one of Pizza Steve's alternate personalities and is also one of Mother-zombie's fan characters. He makes his first appearance in Getting Out Alive: Chapter 24 in a game/movie Tanezumi hosted as an incentive for the next murder. He used to be a sailor boy who had an endless amount of curiosity about the world around him. However, after committing suicide for an unknown reason (according to Pizza Chad), he became a pale, dead looking fisherman with scraggly hair and baggy cloak. His main goal is to get Pizza Steve to kill himself, however the reasons for this are still unknown.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pre-Tulpa: Looks exactly like Pizza Steve except he has platinum blond hair, a cutesy sailor suit fit for a young lad, tan skin, and big blue eyes. From Chapter 24, we can conclude that his primary topping is Clam and is most likely a Clam's Casino pizza slice in pizza form.

Post-Tulpa: Looks exactly like Pizza Steve except he has black scraggly hair, very pale skin, dead blue eyes, wears a baggy black cloak, giant brown rubber boots, and a big black pirate hat. From Chapter 24 we can conclude that his primary topping is Anchovies and is most likely an Anchovy pizza slice in pizza form. In this form, he is one of the "rancid ingredients" put in by the unknown gloved hands before Pizza Steve's birth.


Coming Soon!

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