Pizza Steve
Pizza Steve
is a major character in Uncle Grandpa. He sometimes likes to refer to himself in the third person. Despite the fact he is full of himself and portrays himself to be this way, he would really be lost without his friends.

Physical AppearanceEdit

As a human, he is about 5'5" with a lean build. He has sandy brown hair, tan skin, and constantly wears sunglasses. Underneathe his sunglasses are blue eyes. As told in Mother-zombie's Getting Out Alive in a bonding event with Frank Herbert, he is one of many genetically modified food people, being a person genetically modified from pizza.


Pizza Steve is very full of himself. He often claims to have many achievements and statuses that he doesn't really have. Even when called out for lying about things, he will play it off as much as possible. He usually succeeds at playing it off and getting people to either give up trying to prove him wrong or just believe him in general.

Pizza Steve is very concerned about his image which is most likely why he constantly talks about achievements he's never earned or "cool things" he's never actually done. This also probably explains why he is very secretive in nature.

Pizza Steve is also known to be a cannibal and has been shown eating his kind numerous times. However, ironically enough, one of his biggest fears is getting eaten himself.

Other PizzasEdit

In Slice of Life with Pizza Steve, Pizza Steve describes his "friends" to Mr. Gus. It is unknown if these friends are real, but when he describes them he suggests that they are just like him. It could be a possibility that these are alternate sides to his personality. In Getting Out Alive:Chapter 10, Ramona Desdemona tells Mary about Pizza Steve's unusual behaviours, which vaguely describe the "friends" Pizza Steve has spoken about. In Getting Out Alive:Chapter 25, Mary actually gets to meet these pizzas in Pizza Steve's dream realm.

  • Pizza Pete is a pyrotechnic who likes to watch things explode and set things on fire.
  • Pizza Wayne loves to make alot of noise, especially with an airhorn.
  • Pizza Chad likes to chop things up with a chainsaw. He wears a skimask over his sunglasses.
  • Pizza Beef Supreme the Mighty is the lead guitarist of a death metal band. He has a long tongue and thick eyebrows compared to the other pizzas.
  • Pizza Berzerker is described by Pizza Steve as "the craziest pizza". He wields a spiked hammer as a weapon.


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