Rose Lily Peach
Rose UG Style
"No! Maybe....Yes..."
Gender: Female
Species: Mutated Disgustoid
Age: Teens to twenties
Birthday: February 14th
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Purple
Personal Information
  The Soap and Cleaner isle of Mart Mart
Love Interests:
  The Disgustoids, especially Festro

Being treated like a door mat Being shunned again

Production Information
Voiced by:
Lana Del Rey

Rose is User:TheAwesomeGirl 's OC for Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.


Rose is very nervous all the time. She has serious abandonment and trust issues, due to being shunned by her own kind, for being clean, rather than disgusting. She is used to being bullied, and due to this, she's scared of everyone, and scared of being treated like a doormat, and being taken advantage of.

Due to this, she tends to come off as distant and cold, despite being a kind, warm person on the inside. Typically, due to her fear, the only person who ever really gets to see her "warm side" is Slog, due to him being the only person she feels she can trust.

She's typically very quiet, as she feels that no one cares what she has to say, or cares to listen to her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rose is 5 feet tall, has waist length, soapy, shiny, pink hair with soap bubbles on the ends, very skinny, large eyes, plump lips, and skinny, wobbly legs. She always wears a bright purple dress, and dark purple lace up ballet slipper like shoes.



Slog is the only person that Rose really trusts. They have a quite interesting relationship. Originally, Slog was terrified of Rose, because he didn't want to lose his dirtiness to her soapiness. Eventually, however, he started to like her, and they became friends. They are both quick to defend one another, and they stick up for each other.


  • Rose is made of soap due to a rare mutation, that made her one of the very few disgustoids that is the very opposite of what a disgustoid is.
  • Rose Lily is her name because she smells like Roses and Lilies
  • Rose gets worried when shown too much attention, since the only time she was shown a lot of attention was when she was in trouble with the humans.