Tamora Finch
Tammy Finch from the front
"Don't you dare say that about Uncle Grandpa!"
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 15-16
Birthday: December 1st
Hair color: Dark red
Eye color: Red
Personal Information
  The UG RV
  Belly Bag

Uncle Grandpa

  Anyone who hates Uncle Grandpa
Love Interests:
  Belly Bag
  Lecturing people who hate Uncle Grandpa
  Being separated from Uncle Grandpa
Production Information
Voiced by:
Miya Parker
Tammy Finch is TheAwesomeGirl's OC


Tammy has serious anger issues, and tends to take them out on people who diss Uncle Grandpa. Due to her being and orphan, and living in the UG RV, she has sworn to protect Uncle Grandpa, so that she can repay him for giving her a home.

She tends to also be protective of the other inhabitants of the RV, mostly Belly Bag.

Due to her anger issues, she tends to get into physical and verbal altercations. Typically, she gets punished for her quick to result to violence ways.


Belly Bag/Billy Baggins - Tammy has a crush on Belly Bag because she finds him to be the most adorable person she has ever met. She finds his sarcasm attractive, and whenever they interact she gets flustered.

Uncle Grandpa - Tammy looks up to Uncle Grandpa, because he lets her live in the RV. She tends to listen to him, and not question him. If someone says something negative about him, she will chew them out, and lecture them for criticizing Uncle Grandpa.


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